Resilience and Mindfulness

I give group workshops on trauma-informed mindfulness, stress regulation, burn-out prevention and resilience.

Some of my workshop titles are:

Trauma-Informed Mindfulness
The neuroscience of mindfulness and its healing for the neuroscience of trauma.

Practice Evening – A Beginner’s Evening of Mindfulness
A start into mindfulness practices like anchors, breath meditation and walking meditation.

Trauma-Informed Modifications for Teachers and Trainers
An introduction to the neurophysiology of trauma and working with it when we encounter it as yoga teachers, art teachers or mindfulness trainers.

Stress Regulation with the Polyvagal Theory
Stress is inevitable. Suffering from stress is not. This workshop is for examining stress responses, learning effective regulation, building resilience, and supporting joy.

The 5 C’s of Resilienccccce
A 6-part workshop series on stress regulation and how to build agency and power with Connection, Coherence, Containment, Completion, and Confidence.