Welcome to these pages. I’m glad to have you here.

I am a trauma therapist and I accompany people through transition. This may be from pain to regulation, crisis to clarity, loss to meaning or from trauma to growth. I wonder what state you are in as you read this.

I work with Somatic Experiencing combined with the other therapy methods described here. These techniques have different practicalities following a shared view of the person (my view of the person) as intrinsically whole and geared towards regulation and growth. We experience or glimpse this happy coherence when we feel our own resilience, vitality, belonging and purpose… and we know too the dis-ease and longing when we momentarily feel disconnected from this. You don’t have to find the way back from this state alone.

My accompanying you back to your centered state includes listening to the words, emotions, personal imagery and body language of where you are now, holding your vision with you, and the insight and recall around how the bridge might look and what it feels like to walk it.

I am a potential therapist for you if our encounter — in person or through these words — gives you the feeling of being able to trust me with your situation and to support you along your process. I work with adults and school-aged children and offer therapy and coaching sessions in English and German. I look forward to hearing from you, meeting you in person and learning your story.

Vitality – in the last few days, what felt like a spark or celebration of being alive?