Companies in Crisis

Workshop – The Victory Path
A Return from Crisis to Power, Motivation and Cooperation

Corporate takeovers, cyberattacks, product recall, regulation revisions — any number of external events can put a company in crisis, in a state of change that is substantial, disruptive and usually sudden and unwelcome.

What follows from the externally effected crisis is the danger of a second internal crisis in the company workforce – burn-out, a lack of motivation, mistrust, conflict, toxic politics, anxiety and attrition.

And, at the same time, a crisis carries the opportunity for pure company gold, an invitation to victory and a renewed self and team identity of competence, confidence, bonded cooperation, agency, appreciation and initiative.

In this workshop, my colleague Dr. Amelie Sanktjohanser and I accompany your team along your Victory Path of lasting company transformation from Crisis to Power, Motivation and Cooperation.

We are coaches with over 20 years of experience in coaching, crisis resolution, IT project management and business development. The basis of our workshops and individual coaching sessions is the neurophysiological – and therefore lasting and far-reaching – transformation of stress and burn-out into resilience and power.

Do contact us so we can help you come from crisis and shock back to power, motivation and team.