My session rates for

Adults are 96€ for a 60-minute session or €144 for a 90-minute session,
Children (5 to 17 years of age) are 80€ for a 50-minute session,
Couples are 180€ for a 90-minute session with both partners.

Sessions for parents in connection with a child’s therapy as well as individual sessions for adults in connection with couples therapy also carry the rate of 96€ for a 60-minute session.

I offer reduced fees under certain circumstances. Please do write to me if you would like to request this.

Psychotherapy fees are exempt from German VAT.


The first session with me is always 90 minutes. It gives you the chance to get to know me and it gives me the opportunity to understand your current situation and points of transition. After the first session, we can both make initial prognoses on whether we can work together, to what end, with which methods and for how long. Regular rates apply to the first session.

The number of therapy sessions necessary depends on the therapy goal. It can range from under five 90-minute sessions every two weeks for perspective on an acute life change up to a short-term depth psychotherapy process of 25 weekly 60-minute sessions or a long-term one of 50 sessions over more than a year.

Children and Families

I work with school-aged children in the field of trauma and stress regulation. Sometimes, the cause of the stress is known such as a difficult loss or transition. Other times, the concentration of the therapy is on a symptom such as nightmares or test anxiety.

I work with children using Somatic Experiencing and Sandplay Therapy. Please get in touch with me regarding the specifics of your child’s therapy needs and we can figure out together which approach might be helpful.

I do not offer IQ or ADHD tests or other diagnostic surveys.

Online Sessions

My experience with the online format for therapy sessions started during the pandemic and has been quite positive. I continue to offer these alongside on-site sessions.

I host most online sessions with Red Medical Connect.


My services are not covered by state insurance.

As necessary as it is, trauma therapy is not within the regular coverage of local insurance, whether private or state.

Depth psychology (tiefenpsychologisch orientierte Psychotherapie) methods such as humanistic psychotherapy may be included in your insurance coverage. Please contact your insurance provider about tiefenpsychologisch orientierte Psychotherapie with a Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie.

English is my mother tongue. If it is also your first language, kindly ask your provider how this factors into their considerations for psychotherapy treatment.


I offer workshops for companies in crisis on burn-out prevention, mindfulness and resilience. Do contact me regarding seminars or rates for individual sessions.